Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

Best gaming chairs for back pain in 2023 [Quick Overview]

Here is the list of Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain in 2023 [Quick Overview]

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 – Customizable Comfort for Long Gaming Hours

Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair – Advanced Ergonomics for Spinal Alignment

Noblechairs Hero Series – Lumbar Support Excellence for Pain Prevention

AKRacing Masters Series Pro Luxury XL – Extra Large Size for Full Back Support

Corsair T2 Road Warrior – Adjustable Design for Optimal Posture Control

Top 5 best gaming chairs for back pain [ Detailed Analysis]

1. Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 – Customizable Comfort for Long Gaming Hours

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022
Weight CapacityS 200 lbs
R 200 lbs
XL 395 lbs
Height CapacityS < 5’6″
R 5’7″ – 6’2″
XL 5’11” – 6’9″
Chair dimensions19.3″D x 22″W x 51.2″H
Seat heightS 17.7″ to 20.5″
R 17.7″ to 20.5″
XL 18.1″ to 21.9″
Seat widthS 17.7″ (W) x 18.9″ (D)
R 18.5″ (W) x 19.3″ (D)
XL 19.3″ (W) x 19.7″ (D)
Tilt locks or mechanismsMulti-tilt mechanism
MaterialPRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather / SoftWeave™ Fabric / NAPA Leather
Lumbar supportBuilt-In adjustable lumbar support
HeadrestMagnetic Memory foam head pillow
Chair Weight76 lbs
Ergonomic DesignYes
BackrestFull-length backrest with 165° recline
Style/DesignDesigned with you in mind
Armrest Full-metal 4D armrests
Frame MaterialMetal
Footrest No
Price$549 – $799
Warranty5 Years

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is a champion in the world of comfort and ergonomics. When it comes to relieving back pain, this chair is a top choice. Its adjustable lumbar support stands out as one of its exceptional features that allows you to tailor-fit your seating experience to match your posture and weight distribution requirements.

What’s fascinating about the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is its robust design and variety of dimensions as per the size i.e. S, R, and XL versions due to which it offers flexibility to a wide range of body sizes and weights. Its full-metal 4D armrests are a great addition that gives you the freedom to adjust for maximum comfort.

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 outranks its competitors with its variety of superior materials including PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather, SoftWeave™ Fabric, and NAPA Leather options. These materials not only offer durability but also add an extra layer of luxury. However, in this chair, the lack of a footrest could be a deal breaker for some gamers, especially for those who prefer elevated leg positioning or also struggling with leg strains along with back pain.

Comparatively, the Titan Evo 2022 excels in quality, durability, and warranty, making it a solid choice for anyone who wants to invest in long-term comfort. Although, chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron and DXRacer Master Series are worth considering if you’re looking for similar features.

In conclusion, the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 shines brightly in most decision-making areas like lumbar support, seat height and width, armrest adjustability, and material quality. Also, its five-year warranty and the reputation of Secretlab for excellent customer service are enough for your peace of mind. Despite a few drawbacks like the lack of a footrest, it’s undoubtedly a worthful choice for relieving your back pain during long gaming sessions.

Rating: 9/10


  • Built-In adjustable lumbar support
  • Magnetic Memory foam head pillow
  • Robust design
  • Three size options (S, R, XL)
  • Full-metal 4D armrests
  • Premium variety of materials
  • 5-year warranty
  • Durable and luxurious
  • Multi-tilt mechanism
  • Full-length backrest with 165° recline


  • No footrest

2. Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody – Advanced Ergonomics for Spinal Alignment

Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody
Weight Capacity299 lbs
Chair dimensions45″ H 29.5″ W 29″ D
Seat height16″ – 20.5″
Seat width29.4″
Tilt locks or mechanismsTilt mechanism with tilt angle lock
Material100% polyester fabric
Lumbar supportBuilt-In lumbar support
HeadrestBuilt-In headrest
Chair Weight51 lbs
Ergonomic DesignYes
BackrestBackrest with recline function
Style/DesignRacing style
Armrest Adjustable 4D armrests
Frame MaterialDie-cast aluminum frame
Footrest No
Warranty12 Years

The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair has a unique edge in the gaming chair world. The chair is a beast with a die-cast aluminum frame and a weight capacity of 299 lbs. It’s got dimensions of 45″ H, 29.5″ W, 29″ D, and a seating area of 29.4″, providing adequate space for comfortable gaming sessions. Its 100% polyester fabric material offers durability without compromising comfort.

Performance-wise, it excels in providing superb lumbar support due to its built-in feature that molds to your back, comforting pressure points. This, combined with an adjustable backrest with a recline function, ensures gamers can find their optimal posture. With seat height flexibility between 16″ and 20.5″ and 4D adjustable armrests, you can customize it to fit your body shape and size, a critical feature for extended gaming periods.

What sets it apart from competitors? It’s ergonomic design expertise that is tested and approved by experts and pro gamers! Many chairs offer features, but few have such a holistic and scientific approach to gamer comfort and health. Yet, the chair does not come without drawbacks. The premium price of $1695 and lack of footrest could be some deal-breakers for some gamers who are looking for a chair under a specific budget and comfort for feet is their top priority.

Compared to other gaming chairs, like the SecretLab Titan or DXRacer Formula, the Embody focuses more on ergonomics and less on gaming aesthetics. These alternative options also offer similar comfort but at a lower price point.

In terms of key decision-making factors, its 12-year warranty shows the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability and quality. For lumbar support, adjustability, and material quality, it ranks high. However, price and lack of footrests may affect its overall rating.

To conclude, the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair delivers on almost all fronts as a high-end, ergonomic gaming chair. If back health is a priority and your budget allows, it can be your perfect gaming companion.

Rating: 8.5/10


  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Adjustable 4D armrests
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • High weight capacity (299 lbs)
  • 12-year warranty
  • Ergonomic design is scientifically tested and approved by experts and pro gamers


  • High price ($1695)
  • No footrest

3. Noblechairs Hero Series – Lumbar Support Excellence for Pain Prevention

Noblechairs Hero Series
Weight Capacity330 lbs
Height Capacity4’9″ to 6’5″
Chair dimensions18.9″D x 22.45″W x 54.75″H
Seat height18.9″ – 22″
Seat width20.5″
Tilt locks or mechanismsMultifunctional tilting mechanism
MaterialPremium quality PU leather
Lumbar supportIntegrated adjustable lumbar support
HeadrestMemory foam headrest
Chair Weight67 lbs
Ergonomic DesignYes
BackrestAdjustable backrest angle: 45° (90° to 125°)
Style/DesignClassy design
ArmrestsAdjustable 4D armrests
Frame MaterialRobust steel frame
Footrest No
Warranty2 Years

The Noblechairs Hero Series is an exceptional addition to the gaming chair world. This ergonomic gaming chair is a worthy consideration if you’re prone to back pain and need a reliable solution.

This chair is built with an integrated adjustable lumbar support system that caters to your spine’s natural curvature that offers the right amount of support where needed. Its backrest is adjustable up to 45 degrees which enables you to find the optimal sitting position to avoid strain.

Its premium PU leather covers the robust steel frame is not only aesthetically appealing but also durable, in other words, it’s a chair that’s built to last. The high-density memory foam padding on the seat and the headrest provides the right cushioning for prolonged gaming sessions. Plus, the 4D adjustable armrests provide your arms a comfortable resting by reducing shoulder strain.

What sets the Noblechairs Hero Series apart from competitors is its classy design that combines elegance with functionality. Its high weight capacity of 330 lbs and height capacity between 4’9″ to 6’5″ make it a highly inclusive choice.

This chair has a few drawbacks too. Firstly it does not have a footrest and secondly, at a price point of $549, it might not fit everyone’s budget, despite the 2-year warranty.

Considering the competitive gaming chair market, chairs like Secretlab Omega Series might offer similar ergonomic features with better affordability. However, for back pain sufferers who value aesthetics, durability, and adjustable features, the Noblechairs Hero Series can is a top pick for them.

When rating the Noblechairs Hero Series on key decision-making factors, it scores high on lumbar support, adjustable backrest, seat height and width, material and padding, and armrest adjustability. However, it may fall slightly behind in terms of price and the lack of a footrest. Still, its quality, durability, and manufacturer’s warranty provide reassurance of its value.

Rating: 8/10


  • Integrated lumbar support
  • Adjustable backrest (45°)
  • Premium PU leather material
  • Memory foam padding
  • 4D adjustable armrests
  • Robust steel frame
  • High weight capacity (330 lbs)
  • 2-year warranty


  • Lack of footrest
  • High price point

4. AKRacing Masters Series Pro Luxury XL – Extra Large Size for Full Back Support

AKRacing Masters Series Pro
Weight Capacity160 lbs – 290 lbs
Height Capacity5’7″ – 6’6″
Chair dimensions‎21.5″D x 29″W x 50″H
Seat height19.5″ to 22.5″
Seat width23.60″
Tilt locks or mechanismsAdvanced tilt mechanism with tilt angle lock
MaterialPremium Faux Leather
Lumbar supportAdjustable lumbar support pillow
HeadrestAdjustable headrest pillow
Chair Weight57 lbs
Ergonomic DesignYes
BackrestHigh curved backrest along with 180° recline
Style/DesignModern rocking style
ArmrestsAdjustable 4D Armrests
Frame MaterialSteel frame
Footrest No
Warranty5 Years

The AKRacing Masters Series Pro Luxury XL is a robust, stylish choice for those seeking relief from back pain during gaming sessions. What sets it apart? It’s a blend of ergonomic design and customization options.

Physically, it’s more than a chair, this chair is a piece of comfort. The premium faux leather is not only smooth and stylish but also durable. The steel frame provides a sturdy foundation and the chair itself can support weights from 160 to 290 lbs, accommodating a wide range of gamers.

This chair has an adjustable lumbar support pillow that adds a personalization layer that’s key to comfort during long gaming battles. The high, curved backrest provides holistic back support and can recline to 180° for complete relaxation.

The chair has adjustable 4D armrests that reduce strain on your arms and shoulders. 

Now, despite its excellent features, there are a few areas where the AKRacing chair could fall short. For one, it lacks a footrest, a feature found in some competitors which might be a dealbreaker for gamers seeking full-body support. Also, its price of $679 could be unaffordable for some gamers.

Well, the chair’s durability and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty are hard to ignore. On balance, the AKRacing Masters Series Pro Luxury XL measures up well for the support, adjustability, and quality that make it a solid contender for the best gaming chair for back pain.

Rating: 8/10


  • Premium faux leather
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustable 4D armrests
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Adjustable backrest (180°)
  • Durable and stylish


  • Lacks a footrest
  • High price point

5. Corsair T2 Road Warrior – Adjustable Design for Optimal Posture Control

Corsair T2 Road Warrior
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Height Capacity5’6″ – 6’5″
Chair dimensions23.6″D x 19.7″W x 34.6″H
Seat height20.2″ to 23.6″
Seat width 22.4″
Tilt locks or mechanismsTilt mechanism with tilt angle lock
MaterialPolyurethane Leather
Lumbar supportAdjustable lumbar support pillow
HeadrestAdjustable headrest pillow
Chair Weight54 lbs
Ergonomic DesignYes
BackrestHigh backrest along with 170° recline
Style/DesignRoad Warrior style
ArmrestsAdjustable 4D Armrests
Frame MaterialSteel frame
Footrest No
Warranty2 Years

The Corsair T2 Road Warrior stands tall as an exceptional pick for relieving back pain, thanks to its top-tier ergonomics. It’s a heavy-duty chair with a steel frame that supports up to 300 lbs and accommodates heights between 5’6″ and 6’5″.

When it comes to comfort, the T2 Road Warrior is a true champion. Its high backrest, adjustable lumbar support pillow, and headrest contribute to superior spinal alignment, critical for long gaming sessions. The backrest offers a 170° recline, giving you the flexibility to find your perfect comfort zone. 

This chair has 4D armrests that can be adjusted in four different directions. This allows gamers to personalize their setup, minimizing strain on shoulders and wrists. It is made from polyurethane leather which is both durable and easy to clean, with a style that’s unique ‘Road Warrior’ – assertive and sleek.

However, there is no product without drawbacks. The T2 Road Warrior does not include a footrest, which might be a disadvantage for those seeking full-body comfort. Its price point of $554 might also be a dealbreaker for some budgets.

Comparatively, other chairs in the market may offer additional features such as inbuilt speakers or massaging functions, but the T2 shines in its ergonomics and robust build.

With the 2-year warranty, this is an investment into comfort and longevity. In essence, the Corsair T2 Road Warrior can be an excellent choice for gamers who are looking for the perfect chair for their back pain.

Rating: 8.5/10


  • Steel Frame
  • High Weight Capacity (300 lbs)
  • High Backrest with 170° Recline
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • 4D Adjustable Armrests
  • Durable Polyurethane Leather
  • Unique Road Warrior Style
  • 2-year Warranty


  • No Footrest
  • Pricey ($554)

Factors to consider before buying a gaming chair for back pain

Before finding the perfect gaming chair for your bad back, you need to figure out which part of your back hurts or where the pain occurs in your back. Is it your lower back, upper back, or the entire spine? By knowing this critical factor, you will be able to choose a chair that offers specific back support.

Lumbar Support

A good gaming chair for back pain should have substantial lumbar support. This feature helps your back to maintain the natural curvature of your lower spine, reducing strain and discomfort during long gaming sessions.

Adjustable Backrest

An adjustable backrest allows you to find the most comfortable angle for gaming. It should tilt, recline, and lock at various angles, providing you with a range of positions to relieve pressure on your back.

Seat Height and Width

The chair’s seat height should be easily adjustable to align with your desk, screen, and your gaming setup. The gaming chair’s width should be adequate to accommodate your body size comfortably.

Material and Padding

Opt for high-quality materials that will provide both durability and comfort. The padding should be sufficient to support your weight without flattening over time.

Armrest Adjustability

Adjustable armrests reduce the strain on your shoulders and upper back. They should be able to move up and down, side to side, and in and out, in other terms, they should be adjustable 4D armrests.

Quality and Durability

Ensure the chair has a robust construction. A good gaming chair should withstand heavy use over time. It’s a worthwhile investment to reduce back pain and improve your gaming experience.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

A decent warranty period shows the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. It can also save you from additional expenses if defects appear after a short period of use.


The best gaming chairs for back pain in 2023 include the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody, Noblechairs Hero Series, AKRacing Masters Series Pro Luxury XL, and Corsair T2 Road Warrior. All these chairs excel in ergonomic design, adjustable features, and support systems that cater to spinal alignment, making them ideal for gamers who are prone to back pain. However, factors like price, aesthetics, warranty period, and personal preferences may influence your final choice.

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