How to Sit in a Gaming Chair Like a Pro

Do you know the correct way to “power position” yourself in your gaming chair? If the answer is no, then you might be inviting unwelcome foes: discomfort and bad posture. No gamer should underestimate the role of a gaming chair; it’s not just about looks, but about supporting your marathon sessions in the world of pixels and scores. However, knowing how to sit in a gaming chair can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

As a passionate gamer, you’re well aware that every piece of your gear should be used to its full potential, and your gaming chair is no exception. The real game changer isn’t just having a top-notch gaming chair, but understanding how to sit in it to maximize your comfort and posture.

Key Settings of Your Gaming Chair Before Sitting on It

The gaming chair is not just about the aesthetic; it’s about the way it feels, and the way it adjusts to you, making those endless gaming sessions not only bearable but enjoyable. So let’s dive right in.

Seat Height Settings – The Golden Rule 

Ever had those pesky leg cramps in the middle of a boss battle? One moment you’re dishing out the damage, and the next, you’re dancing on one foot, trying to shake off the cramp.

Adjusting your seat height is your first step to comfort. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor, with your knees at a relaxed 90-degree angle. Remember, your comfort is paramount, and this initial adjustment sets the tone for everything else.

Backrest Settings – Find Your Sweet Spot

Imagine slaying dragons, outsmarting your enemies, and saving the universe, all while lounging in a chair that hugs your back like a warm, familiar friend. That’s what the right backrest setting can do for you.

Your gaming chair isn’t just a chair. It’s a support system for your back. Adjust the backrest so it aligns with the natural curve of your spine, and if your chair reclines, play around with that feature. You might discover a recline setting that’s just right for you!

Armrests Settings – Your Arms Need Love Too

Your arms are responsible for your game-winning skills, your perfectly timed shots, and your enemy’s defeat. Yet, they often don’t get the support they deserve.

Adjust your armrests so that your shoulders aren’t hunched or strained. You want your arms relaxed, at a 90-degree angle, while your fingers glide over the keys. Just like that, you’re ready to take on the gaming world, cramp-free!

Why Proper Chair Settings Matter

Why all this fuss about chair settings, you might ask? It’s simple. A correctly adjusted chair isn’t just about comfort. It’s about health. It’s about longevity.

The right chair settings can help reduce the risk of back pain, wrist strain, and other physical ailments that can stem from prolonged sitting. But more importantly, they allow us to immerse ourselves fully in the worlds we explore, the battles we fight, and the stories we create.

How to Sit in Your Gaming Chair | Step-by-Step Guide

We know you are working tirelessly on leveling up, nailing those tricky headshots, or simply enjoying the immersive worlds of your favorite video games. We understand the intensity can pull you in. But don’t forget about your most vital gaming tool – you, and more specifically, your posture. Now, it’s time to level up your gaming experience by learning how to sit in your gaming chair. Let’s dive in!

Step 1 – Adjusting Seat Height and Depth

An epic gaming session should begin with comfort. That’s why it’s important to properly adjust your seat height. Ideally, your feet should rest flat on the floor, and your knees should be at about a 90-degree angle. This ensures your lower body is relaxed and supported.

As for seat depth, make sure there’s a little space (about a fist’s width) between the edge of your seat and the back of your knees. This helps to promote blood flow and prevents the discomfort of having the seat edge dig into your legs.

Step 2 – Back Adjustment

Find your chair’s backrest adjuster and tilt it to around a 110-130 degree angle. Ensure it comfortably supports your lower back’s curve. Now, sit back and feel the support — it should feel as natural as your skillful gaming moves. That’s your backrest, perfectly aligned for your winning streak!

Step 3 – The Upper Body Adjustment

We’ve known about it, the notorious “gamer hunch”. It’s the enemy of every hardcore gamer. Let’s fight it together! Keep your back flush against your chair, allowing the spine to maintain its natural curve. Your chair’s backrest is there for a reason, friend. Use it!

Step 4 – Headrest and Neck Adjustment

The slightest discomfort can mess with your concentration. Your headrest should be positioned in a way that supports the natural curve of your neck. Adjust it to where your neck doesn’t strain when you’re looking at the screen. This will also help to reduce the risk of neck aches or tension headaches.

Step 5 – Shoulder Adjustment

We hold a lot of tension on our shoulders, and gaming can intensify this. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and not hunched up towards your ears. The armrests of your chair should support your arms enough that your shoulders can stay relaxed.

Step 6 – Eye Contact Adjustment

Your screen position is crucial here. Ideally, the top of your gaming screen should be at or slightly below eye level. This helps to prevent eye strain and maintains a neutral position for your neck. Remember, those victory royals can’t be won if you’re squinting or straining your neck.

Step 7 – Lower Body Adjustment

Don’t neglect your lower body. Keep both feet flat on the floor, evenly distributing your weight. Make sure your hips are as far back in the chair as possible. This ensures proper posture and aids in preventing lower back pain.

Step 8 – Consider Getting a Footrest

A footrest can do wonders for your comfort and posture. It can take the strain off your lower back, increase circulation and make those long gaming sessions more enjoyable. Plus, it’s a great way to show your feet some love. If you have one, keep your feet flat on it for further comfort.

Step 9 – Adjust Desk Height for Optimal Comfort

Lastly, make sure your desk is at the right height. Your arms should be slightly more than a 90-degree angle when typing or using your mouse. This helps prevent strain on your wrists and forearms.

That’s it!

That’s it! Get ready to enjoy your gaming in an all-new level of comfort. Remember, your body is the real MVP in your gaming journey. Keep it in top shape with proper posture and adjustments, and nothing will stand between you and your ultimate gaming victory!

Must-Know Essentials Before Sitting in a Gaming Chair

Gaming Setup Space

Think of your gaming chair as a spaceship in your gaming universe—it needs room to maneuver! Ensure your chair isn’t wrestling for space but dancing harmoniously with your setup. Because in gaming, space isn’t just the final frontier, it’s the first! 

The Right Size for you

 In the gaming world, size does matter! Just like Cinderella’s perfect slipper fit, your gaming chair should be custom-fit to your height, weight, and body shape. Because your epic win could hinge on this perfect fit! 


Your gaming chair should feel like your own personal Iron Throne, providing comfort and support that’s fit for a king (or queen!). Don’t settle for anything less than adjustable, body-friendly seating. After all, comfort is the secret cheat code to extended gaming sessions. 

Correct Positions to Sit in a Gaming Chair

Back Position

Your spine’s got your back in gaming marathons, so show it some love. Adjust your gaming chair so your back lies flat against the backrest. Keep a natural S-curve to dodge discomfort.

Arms Position

Ever felt like a T-Rex while gaming? Let’s end that! Your arms should form a 90-degree angle with your elbows resting comfortably on the armrests. No more dino arms, promise.

Hips Position

Your hips hold the power! Make sure they are positioned at the far end of the seat. A bit of an angle — around 100 degrees — between your torso and thighs is ideal.

Knee Position

Take a knee, gamers, but in comfort. Ensure a 90-100 degree angle between your thighs and calves. The edge of your seat should be a fist’s distance from the back of your knees.

Feet Position

It’s not just about fast fingers but also grounded feet. Keep your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest. No dangling, no tiptoeing, just full-on flat contact.

Reclining Position

Think of your gaming chair as your comfy throne. Adjust the recline position to a degree that feels most comfortable. Remember, relaxation is the key to immersion.

Be Sure to Stretch Frequently

You’re a gaming warrior, but even warriors need a break. Take short stretch breaks every hour. Your body will thank you, and so will your leaderboard rankings.

Benefits of Correct Sitting Posture

Whether you’re an FPS expert, RPG aficionado, or Battle Royale champion, there’s one opponent we all face: bad posture. As it turns out, the way we sit while gaming affects more than just our comfort—it can have long-term impacts on our health and gaming performance. Read on to discover how the right sitting posture can keep you in the game for longer, and even make you a better player!

Power Up Your Muscles

The way you sit isn’t just about your back—it’s about your entire body. Correct sitting posture keeps your muscles efficiently active. You’ll have better stability, balance, and core strength, all vital for those intense gaming sessions. Imagine pulling off those epic moves without feeling a cramp in your neck or fatigue in your arms. Your muscular system will thank you for sitting right, and so will your K/D ratio!

Quest for the Aligned Spine

As an adventurer in a game, you understand the importance of alignment—be it in the battle formation or when plotting a strategic map. Your spine demands the same! When you sit correctly, your spine realigns itself, reducing the risk of developing conditions like scoliosis or chronic back pain. This means fewer breaks from gaming due to discomfort and more time to complete those quests!

Protect Your Joints, Protect Your Controller

Constant gaming can lead to wear and tear—not just on your controller, but also on your joints. Sitting in the wrong position puts undue strain on your knees, hips, and back. But with the correct posture, you decrease this strain and the wear and tear on your joints. You’ll be saving your health bar and your controller’s lifespan in one go!

More Health XP, Less Stress Damage

Correct sitting posture benefits more than just your muscles, spine, and joints. It improves your digestion, enhances your breathing, and even boosts your mood. By sitting properly, you’ll reduce stress levels, up your game endurance, and stay alert for longer. It’s like having a perpetual power-up!

Sit Right, Game Right

So, gamers, correct sitting posture isn’t just a side quest—it’s a main mission. Let’s sit right to play right, staying healthy in both the virtual world and reality. Remember, every hero needs to take care of themselves to keep saving the day!

How Gaming Chair Can Help You Getting the Right Posture

Gaming can be a dream come true, but bad posture is the unseen foe that can spoil the fun. Over time, it may cause discomfort and health issues. But you don’t need to worry! The gaming chair is here for you. Now, are you a bit curious about how a gaming chair can help you get the right posture? Read on to explore!

Designed ergonomically

The Gaming Chair, ergonomically designed for your comfort, helps maintain a healthy posture, protecting you from the villain of discomfort.

Adjustable features

Adjustable features on a gaming chair reduce stress on your spine, neck, and shoulders. So, when you sit in a gaming chair, you’re sitting smart.

The Big Win

Gaming should be an adventure, not a source of pain. A gaming chair is not just a part of your gaming setup; it’s an investment in your health and well-being. Good posture means less fatigue, more game time, and better performance. The right chair provides the perfect posture, enhancing your health and gameplay.

Is Snacking Good While Gaming?

Gaming is not just a hobby; it’s a passion. It’s that ultimate boss fight, the perfect strategy, the thrill of victory, and the camaraderie of multiplayer fun. It’s easy to get lost in the immersive worlds we navigate, but in those extended gaming sessions, snacking seems like an essential companion. However, is it really as helpful as we perceive it to be?

Snacking while gaming might feel like fueling up your real-life avatar, but it could also become a stealthy villain in your health quest. Eating without attention often leads to overindulging, which can sneak in extra calories you may not need. Plus, imagine greasy fingers on your beloved controller or keyboard – doesn’t sound like a winning combination, does it? Healthy gaming is not just about tactics in-game, but also strategies for our well-being. Remember, a truly successful gamer knows when to hit pause, grab a nourishing meal, and then return to conquer their virtual challenges!


In conclusion, setting up your gaming chair correctly is not just about comfort; it’s about promoting health and enhancing your gaming experience. From seat height to desk adjustments, these small details significantly impact your performance and well-being. Remember, your body is your most vital gaming tool, so treat it well. Level up your gaming comfort, keep your gaming sessions healthy and fun, and let nothing stand in the way of your victories. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you supposed to sit on a gaming chair?

You should sit on a gaming chair with your feet flat on the floor, knees at a 90-degree angle, back fully supported by the chair’s backrest, and shoulders relaxed. Your arms should be level with the desk, and the top of your monitor should be at eye level.

Why am I uncomfortable with my gaming chair?

Discomfort with your gaming chair could be due to improper adjustment of chair height, backrest angle, or armrests. Alternatively, it could be due to prolonged sitting without breaks or a lack of padding and cushioning.

What is the best angle for a gaming chair backrest?

The ideal angle for a gaming chair’s backrest is typically between 100 and 110 degrees. However, this can vary depending on your comfort and the type of game you are playing. Some chairs offer a recline of up to 180 degrees for relaxation.

How can I make my gaming chair more comfortable?

To enhance your gaming chair’s comfort, ensure it’s adjusted to your body size, consider adding extra cushions or a lumbar pillow, and use a footrest for improved leg and lower back support. Also, remember to take regular breaks to stretch.

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